Improve iPhone Battery Life

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With each passing day, it seems like your iPhone battery life drains faster and faster. This might seem like its due to the apps piling up on your phone, or the new iOS update – and it certainly is – however there are other reasons as well. Naturally, the lithium-ion battery only has a certain amount of charge cycles before it degnerates heavily. This is the most annoying problem any Tampa or Clearwater Apple user, especially if you are going to be using your phone extensively for work or play. Your phone dying half way through the day can be a total productivity crusher and considering it isn’t able to be replaced easily, there needs to be an affordable and trustworthy fix for this.
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Tampa iPhone Battery Replacement

Luckily, even though Apple has locked your battery in place, this still hasn’t stopped crafty third party iPhone repair shops from the Tampa Bay area have made this a lot easier then spending $500+ on a new phone. A quality OEM replacement battery costs around $40-50 to fully replace, and the repair is one of the simplest to get done. It can literally be done within 20 minutes and if your feeling brave you can do it yourself (check YouTube for some awesome tutorials…available in almost every language). We also have a battery replacement post here.

What should you do if your battery life is fine, but you want to keep it optimized? There are several awesome posts online that can help with this process (check out Apple’s official take on this – applies to all sorts of Apple devices).  From the technicians we’ve talked to, here are the best tips to consistently implement to make sure replacing your iPhone 5 battery is the last item on your list.

  • Reduce brightness, especially if you don’t need to have it above 50%
  • Keep WiFi and Bluetooth switched off until you need them – they consume resources constantly scanning for connection points.
  • Uninstall apps you rarely use.
  • Keep GPS / location services off until you actually need them to get around.

Local iPhone Repair Solutions

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iPhone and Android cell phone repair has become a burgeoning industry in Edmonton in recent years. Young professionals and almost anyone relies heavily on their cell phone to communicate and stay connected with friends and family members. So it is understandable that when hardware issues – be it cracked screens or bad batteries rear their ugly head that people want a fast, convenient solution to getting their iPhone up and running again in the Edmonton area.

You essentially have two options if you are looking down at a cracked iPhone screen or other hardware problem. You can either take it to Apple and exchange for a refurbished phone (shipped to you within 2 days), or you can visit a local third party cell phone repair shop in Montreal. The issue most people run into is that the Apple replacement only applies to those of you that purchased an Apple Care extended warranty, and if you haven’t – you haven’t got much of an ‘official’ option. Third party cell phone repair shops can be shady, but if you know how to filter out the options that should be avoided, it isn’t much of a problem. High quality replacement components are getting more and more available on the open market, so as long as you don’t run to the lowest price supplier on the market without doing any research, and you are covered by a warranty, you will definitely not have a problem getting your iPhone screen fixed.

Montreal iPhone Screen Repair

These are the type of issues a local Montreal cell phone repair shop can help you with

  • Broken or cracked iPhone 5 screens
  • Poor battery life
  • Unresponsive iPhone’s
  • Power/home button fixes

Pricing does vary, but as mentioned above, if you cut corners you essentially are getting a weaker end product. There are good quality screens that will last quite a while on the market, and there are bad quality screens that will break the moment your rough with it. So take our advice here at SlideStreet and do your research!…


What is SlideStreet?

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We’ve created SlideStreet in the hopes of becoming a gathering point for all those that are interested in DIY repairs for your favorite tech devices. With new models always coming out in the smartphone, tablet and now VR device verticals, the demand for quality, affordable repairs should only continue to rise as people look to retain their investments. Also, as second hand markets continue to grow and people sell their old smartphones for newer models hardware issues are definitely going to pop up and need to be fixed.

You’ll see the following type of content on our blog;

  • iPhone/iPad repair tutorials

  • Tear downs on new cell phones and tablets

  • Repair tools/services reviews

We’re always looking for cool contributors so if you feel like you have something that would fit in here, give us a shout!